Fiddle-leaf fig, Ficus lyrata

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Ficus lyrata

The fiddle-leaf fig is a very popular green plant with big leathery violin-shaped leaves with strong veins. Natively the fiddle-leaf fig is from tropical west-Africa where it can grow into a 12-15m tall tree. Some care is needed to make the fiddle-leaf fig grow big, but the plant can bare less than optimal conditions. The fiddle-leaf fig thrive in bright but indirect light and will grow toward the light so occasionally rotate the pot. Water the plant properly and drain all extra water away and let it dry before next watering. The fiddle-leaf fig dislike being moved. The big leaves tend to collect a lot of dust so wipe the leaves with a damp cloth when needed. The fiddle-leaf fig is poisonous for pets.

The decoration pot is not included in the price. The pots size is 12cm.

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