Zebra Plant

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The Zebra plants, goes also by the name Elephant Ear, scientific name is Alocasia Zebrina and belongs to the Araceae family, the Calla plants family.

Place the Alocasia in a bright location without direct sunlight. Rotate the plant regularly.

Water the plant around once per week. Let it dry properly between good waterings.

The Zebra plant is originally from rainforest areas so the plant want it to be humid and at least 18 degrees Celsius.

Note. The leaves might sweat small droplets of water so place the Alocasia on a location that isn't sensitive. The plant contains strongly irritating substances so keep out of reach of children and pets.

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The Zebra plant is a amazingly beautiful and exciting green plant with long eye catching zebra patterned leaf stems. The Zebra plant also has the common name Elephant ear and the scientific name Alocasia Zebrina. Alocasia Zebrina belongs to the family Araceae, the family of the Calla plants. The Elephant ear is originally from south east Asias rainforests and thrive in bright and humid places without direct sunlight. The Zebra plant grows toward the light so rotate the plant regularly so it grows evenly and upright. The plant is cold sensitive and wants at least 18 degrees Celsius. 

Alocasia Zebrina should not be over watered. Give a proper watering roughly once per week and drain away all excess water. Wait until the soil is properly dry before watering next time. Signs that the plant has been overwatered shows in the form of yellow edges on the leaves. If the soil is too wet the Zebra plants leaves might get black spots or rot as a result of fungi. The leaves can be showered or sprayed with water for increased humidity. During the growth period the Zebra plant can be give a mild fertiliser for green plants.

Notice that the Alocasia Zebrina plant might sweat small droplets of water from the leaves so don´t place the plant on a surface that is sensitive or might get damaged. The Elephant Ear secrete small droplets of water from the leaves because of the water that the plant absorb which results in a over pressure in the roots. The consequence of the over pressure is that the water will be driven out of the leaves. This is a sign of a healthy plant. Alocasia Zebrina contains substances that are strongly irritating. The Elephant ear should because of this reason be put in a location out of reach of small children and pets. Symptoms from chewing on the leaves or the leaf stems are indigestion, swallowing difficulties, swelling, eye irritation and a burning feeling in the mouth.

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